CMS for Your Business

Iecommercen today’s market, every business should have a website to market their business, but many business owners think that they can afford to have one developed because developing a website is so expensive. The initial development isn’t the biggest cost associated with developing a professional website, but rather the ongoing support and maintenance.

You shouldn’t have to pay a developer to change a word or an image on your website, and that’s why I recommend a well-implemented content management system (CMS). A CMS can save you enormous amounts of money in the long run.

What is a CMS?

cms-1Some business owners are confused by the term CMS (Content Management System), what they are and how they can benefit their business.

A CMS is a system used to build a website on a standardized, unified system. A website properly built with a CMS presents a user-friendly, non-technical system designed to allow users to edit, update and delete content of their website without any programming knowledge, such as HTML and CSS.

Easy Access

Administrators are able to manage a range of different types of content including; text content, images, video and more. You are able to access its administration panel through any browser. All you need to update your website is Internet access and login info to access the secure administration panel of the website.

Out of the Box

It provides you with the structure of a basic website straight out of the box without a lot configuration needed.  Sure, there are loads of advanced things you can and might want to do with your website built with a CMS, but the essential elements are there for you right off the bat.

Basic Features of a CMS

  • An administrative interface for editing the site
  • Multiple themes for easy design
  • Numerous plugins for adding functionality
  • Add/edit/delete pages and menu items
  • Add text, images and video

Advanced Options

You will still have to install and set up the CMS to meet your needs.  You may want a custom designed theme and other non-standard features added to your website, in which case, you’ll probably still want a developer involved in the project.

Non-standard Features

  • Payment processing for e-commerce
  • Forums/message boards, user-generated content, social networking
  • Facebook or Twitter integration
  • Affiliate programs for driving sales

CMS Types

cms-2You may want to know what your different options are for selecting a CMS.  There are countless different types of Content Management System out there. The ones that I highly recommend on are WordPress, Drupal and Joomla because they are the leading CMS’s built on PHP and They are also the most popular ones due their flexibility.

Wikipedia has a great list of content management systems that will give you a more comprehensive look at CMS options on every imaginable platform .

Benefits of Using a CMS

  • dollar-signThe biggest benefit of using a CMS is that you can quickly update your website yourself without having to call on a web developer to manage the website for you.
  • You don’t have to make endless payments to keep your website updated.
  • You have full control of the website content.
  • Reduces costs by eliminating outside technical help.

Do It Yourself

  • Add new pages
  • Delete unnecessary ones
  • Write your own blog post
  • Upload your images and other media to a website
  • Insert images into a page or a blog post
  • Format text (bold, italic, etc.)


If that content on your website is going to need changing quite frequently and you want to cut your costs by eliminating the middle man in the web developing process, then you need to seriously consider using a CMS to implement your business website. You will be able to maintain your own website with little to no help at all. You will be able to do all this while still having a professional looking website to attract customers to buy your product or service, thereby increasing your profits.